Learning about the real world is a fantastic journey that everyone can enjoy. Science practitoners of all types share a common passion for learning and discovery. Science is the one of the best tools we have for understanding the world around us.


Travelling is the art of experiencing new places and realities, and can be an exploration of the planet we all share. Travel is one of the best tools we have for understanding the world around us.


Combining the two opens up new ideas and new opportunities: Citizen science excursions. Educational tours. Expert interpretations and a deep sense of place. Behind-the-scenes visits to laboratories.  Wilderness field courses. Authentic participation, transformative experiences, and a new pathway of engagement for the sciences.

Opportunity is waiting

Just as the modern digital era has brought unexpected new dynamics to all aspects of our lives, so too there are opportunities to bring value the experience economy using the highly-developed structures of the scientific endeavour. 

And there are new ways for scientists to practice, contribute, and learn outside of the familiar institutions of yesteryear.

Your input is valued

The Science Tourism Alliance is an international network of like-minded dreamers, idealists, hackers, technicians, researchers, tourism professionals, students, teachers, and travellers.

We adopt an inclusive definition of science: you don’t need to be research academic, all you need is an interest in the pursuit of knowledge.

Together, we actively engage with new ideas in the tourism industry and the pursuit of science. Join us and share your thoughts!


The Science Tourism Alliance needs you!

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